Trice XL NT Trike

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Trike in Box
   My first view of my new Trice XL NT. Hmmm.
Frame on Box
   The steering came pre-assembled. Thank goodness.
Pieces on Counter
   Not a lot of room to spread out parts before assembly begins.
Trike Frame
   Two main frame pieces joined in a bike stand clamp. Assembly begins! (6:00 p.m.)
Fuzzy Lug
   Auto-focus didn't. Lugwork is beautiful. Better pictures will be taken!
Frame with Seat
   Seat and handlebars added to frame; starting to look like a trike.
Frame with Components
   165 were the shortest Ultegra cranks I could get. I think shorter still would be better.
Trike Rollable
   The trike is rollable! Not actually rideable, yet. First test ride taken about 1:00 a.m. in the morning.
Miramar Lake Start
   We live near Miramar Lake, which has a nice, paved, almost level 5 mile path around it. This is where it will get its maiden voyage.
Jan's First Ride
   My wife Jan taking her first ride. We are both sun-sensitive, so wear Solumbra clothing while riding.
Jan Far Distance
   Can you see a trike in the distance? They are pretty small compared to other objects.
Jan Medium Distance
   Jan approaching a little closer.
Jan Returns
   Jan at the end of her ride. She loves it! (she used 3 gears the whole ride).
David Ready to go
   My turn! I test rode at bike shop, so this is just my first *real* ride. :-)
David Returning
   Riding through the picnic grounds after returning from trip around lake.
Trike in Profile
   Trike in profile. Boy, is that comfortable. Yes, I have the headrest option.
Jeanne in Distance
   My sister took a spin a couple days later. That's her way in the distance.
Jeanne Middle Distance
   My sister Jeanne approaching a little closer. That's all you get, 'cause the camera ran out of film here.
Trike Cross Arm
   Another shot of the trike's crossarm and fancy lugwork. Craftsmanship of this trike is superb.
Hitch Rider Trike Rack
   The Hitch Rider rack we got to carry our trikes. It will carry two recumbent trikes (top rack is not installed here)
Trike by Rack
   Trike next to the rack.
Trike on Rack from Behind
   Trike loaded on rack.
Trike on Rack quarter shot
   Trike loaded on rack, quarter view
Trike on Rack from Driver Side
   Trike loaded on rack from front of trike
AquaCar at Lake Miramar
   There are three AquaCars that ride in our lake on fair weather week-ends.

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