Here are some related links:
Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE)
Makers of the Trice line of trikes, including my XL NT
Quality Bicycle Sales
My local LBS. They were extremely helpful in ordering and building the trike for me.
They are having trouble with their website unfortunately. But give them a call!
They are in San Diego, California, USA. Phone (858) 270-2412.
The owners are Xavier and Susan Schwarz. They've had the shop 30 years!
Fred Lenk
A Special Thanks to Fred Lenk, fellow Trice XL NT owner, who very kindly
allowed us to test ride his XL NT and so sealed the decision on which trike
we wanted to own.  Thank you, Fred!
Hitch Rider Racks
Hitch Rider makes the finest Recumbent Trike racks there are.  Period.
I have never seen or heard of any hitch type rack that even comes close.
And, they offer a rack to hold TWO recumbent trikes!  Very nice.
Solumbra Sun Protection Clothing
The daytime is the best time to ride.  More to see, easier to be seen.
But many of us are "sun-sensitive" and are not allowed to be exposed
to too much sun.  Our answer is to wear clothing that actually has an
SPF rating (around 40).  Solumbra, by Sun Precautions.

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